About Us

We strive to provide the highest quality of developer representation available in real estate market. 


This includes, but is not limited to:

-the highest price per square foot out-sales

-the fastest market absorption rates,

-the most accurate communication between all involved parties 

To achieve these goals, we strive to continuously interact with the community through several channels of communication which we call the “pipeline.”  We understand that this isn’t the most creative term but that it accurately portrays our ability to best serve the needs of our clients.   The “pipeline” principle revolves around our ability to maintain and grow a constant stream of approved and qualified buyers ready, willing and able to purchase one of our in-house listings.  This stream of buyers comes from several sources which include:

            -First time home buyer seminars

            -Current listings

            -Previous listings

            -Weekly magazine advertising campaigns

            -Weekly mailing campaigns to local rental communities

            -Our website, which features daily articles about the local real estate market

            -The HPAP office & applicant program

            -Google Adwords


Our core philosophy


Clients first!  You, our developers (and your properties) are our number one priority.  It is our number one goal to help you sell your developments first and foremost.  Between assessing client’s needs and timeline for purchasing and scheduling releases for your developments, we hope to achieve perfect synergy between buyer demand and project releases.  Our client assessments include:

            -Addressing client needs

            -Addressing client tastes

            -Relating client needs to your specific projects

            -Showcasing your projects

            -Closing the sale